Photographers Love Drama – Using Texture to Get Great Images

Nobody likes drama. Unless you happen to be a photographer. Drama is what changes a snapshot into a great photograph. One of our biggest challenges in photography is that we are working with a 2-D medium. Our images lack any third dimension or depth, unless we can somehow fool people into thinking they are looking at

Choose Your Own Adventure: Pick a Theme

We’ve shared a lot of different topics or themes this season for everyone to try with their cameras: High Dynamic Range photography, still life, reflections, silhouette, color, multiple exposure, and extreme crop. These were all chosen for us by myself and R.W. It’s great to get others to challenge you, to help us make things we

Extreme cropping: Because less is sometimes more

As humans, we learn early in life to identify objects. “Chair”… “cat”… “cracker”…. We see the world as being made of objects, and very quickly we learn to filter most of them out. We focus instead only on objects that are important “boss”… “police car”… or dangerous “gun”… or beautiful… “sunset”. The rest of the

If a shutter clicks in the forest and no one sees it, is it really a photograph?

  Just because you looked at my photo doesn’t mean it belongs to you. A lot went into this photo before you looked at it. There was grass, a building, a woman, light, existing somewhere in space, in time. There was a spark of an idea, that lit the fire of imagination. The fire burned

Making better images – Color – Part 3: Tone, Brightness, and Saturation

Strangely enough, color isn’t just about hue. It isn’t just about “orange” or “pink,” or about the color scheme you captured. What is tone? Why does how bright or how dark a color is make any difference? Can we use that to make better images? Well, of course, it does, and we can. Funny how